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Helping you find your first home! Assisting Homesellers to sell their home!Assisting in Relocation to another area/state! Helping Homeowners in Need (ShortSale)Ready to help! I am just a call away!

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Thank you for visiting my website. I am here to help you with all of your home buying and selling needs in Hampton Roads. I service the areas of Newport News, Hampton, York County, Smithfield, Suffolk, Poquoson and Gloucester. My goal is to make your move as easy and stress-free as possible. To help you get started, below are links to sites to local cities and schools in the Hampton Roads area. Contact Me today to get started!

Links to City Websites:

City of Hampton 
Newport News          
York County          
Virginia Beach  
Isle of Wight          
New Kent         

Other Links
Great Schools 

Useful information Imformative Websites:

www.FHFA.gov                                              Home Value Changes by City
www.BLS.gov/lau                                           Unemployment by City
www.realtytrac.come/trendcenter                  Foreclosures by County
www.citi-data.com                                         Demographic informationw
ww.mybestsegments.com                                Demographic information
www.zipskinney.com                                       Demographic information
www.kidseatfree.com                                      Places kids eat free
www.dsireuse.org                                           Discount/Rebate

                                                                   I am never to busy to take your calls.